About Me


I am working with Capgemini, Pune as Sourcer. I am attached with IT Industry since 2+ years during my associations with Avvas Infotech, Senate Technologies Inc. I have also worked as Web Development Trainer in Xplora Design Skool, Meerut [UP].

I have completed MBA HR from Modern College of Engineering, Pune. I have completed B. Sc. in Chemistry from North Maharashtra University & Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia (Web Development) from Xplora Design Skool, Dhule. I have completed Summer Internship at IKSC Knowledge Bridge Pvt. Ltd., Pune.My project topic is ‘HR Strategies for Technical Resource Employability Enhancement’.

I have participated in a Business Plan Event ‘Brilliant Brigade 2010’ at SIMCA, Pune where my team developed business plan for Cruise Liner. In event ‘SurTaal 2010’ my team secured 1st Prize at AMITY, Pune. I have also headed team in event ‘Arvneeti 2011’ in our college. I also leaded team during ‘M-Pulse 2011’ at our college for the evet ‘Nidhi Anveshan (Treasure Hunt)’.

I am also working with Sarpavihar Samajik Sanstha, Dhule from last 5 years which is an organization working for conservation of snakes. Here we catch the snakes from city and after some days, release them in nearby forest in their natural habitat.It really gives me thrilling experience and improves my quick decision making.

I am fond of reading books, specially on Body Language and Numerology. It helps me while interacting with people. I also like Traveling, Listening Music. I also like to play Piano which improves my concentration. Before few years, I found this new style of writing and now I can write English, Hindi & Marathi in Reverse Direction with good speed.

I like to watch Hollywood Action Movies and Documentaries. Armageddon, 300 Spartans, Enemy at the Gates, ‘Megastructures’, ‘Megafactories’, ‘How It Is Made’ are few of them.

Last but not least,
My peers find a problem solving and helping person in me, while for me, I am straight forward and honest person who like to go ahead without hidden thoughts. Rather than being specialist, I prefer to be generalist and multitasking.

Do get in touch with me 

Email : prasad.chaudhari@capgemini.com

Twitter: prasad_thebest

LinkedIn: in.linkedin.com/in/pc2400

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pc2400

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